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With so many persons claiming to be experts, it is no surprise that there have been so many internet failures in Troy, MI. We understand that many failures occur when companies try SEO on their own or with the help of an inferior firm. We limit the amount of new clients we will take per year, so we can make sure to fully dive in, engage, and conquer targeted online markets. We work together collaboratively on every project and get to know our clients' businesses so we can right each of them the right audience and effectively produce desired results.

Jay Bale & Associates is committed to providing White Hat Search Engine Optimization and would never risk the organic placement of a website. Many teams that do not know proper procedure often end up hurting the potential organic strength of the site. It's always a tragedy to see a firm end up worse than they started. Although we are expensive, we have years and years of experience and can execute with perfection.

There is a low supply of people in Troy that truly understand search engine optimization and are able to convert visitors into actual sales. We can can help you make sure your online spend and marketing efforts are not wasted.