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Many firms in Sterling Heights claim to offer SEO services that can get people the number one spot. Unfortunately, that does not help your business if the wrong keywords are targeted. Rather than putting up websites prematurely and presenting fancy reports, we focus on giving companies the best placements, bringing them the right visitors, and building them websites that will get users to convert. A lot of money is spent poorly when people think they can do this on their own.

With so many agencies in Sterling Heights claiming to be experts, it is no surprise that there have been so many internet failures. Our team is comprised of top optimization and marketing professionals in the country, and we are in no way your typical web design firm selling smoke and mirrors to unknowing business owners. We hate to hear stories about people that attempt to improve their own rankings or hire the wrong agency and end up wasting money and damaging their website further.

Jay Bale has been in the industry since 1999 and is committed to White Hat SEO as the Group Manager of Google SEO 1, an original Google group with over 3,500 active members.