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Involved in SEO since 1999, Jay Bale is a pioneer who has helped shape the industry. His Michigan based businesses have been featured at major search engine optimization conferences and his marketing techniques have been copied around the country. He is within a handful of people who have personally engaged in billions of dollars in product sales online.

Search engine optimization requires so much more than just changing a few things around. It begins with proper site structure and navigation, which is why we create completely new websites from scratch for our clients. Far less than 1% of existing sites could support the platforms we create. What we build for you can look similar to what you had in the past, but it must contain original code to satisfy Google and accomplish our SEO goals.

It is important for us to understand your business like it is our own. Once familiarized, we will know more about your product or service than any other outside vendor possibly could. We will work hard to find out exactly what you do and how your business operates. Then, we will be able to look at the SEO opportunities that are available and will build your website accordingly. Each one of our Michigan clients is unique and every site we create has original programming that is developed in-house. We do not contract out any of our services, period.

Our SEO/SEM Team

Search Engine Optimization
is handled by Jay Bale. His background is in eCommerce and international business. He is skilled at determining the content patterns of the Google’s algorithm and figuring out how it will impact keywords and URL placement.

Website Development
is handled by an industry-leading programmer that has been on our team since 2007. He is one of only about 30 people that is invited to contribute to the Google Maps API and has years of experience creating eCommerce platforms.

Search Engine Marketing
is handled by a graduate from the University of Michigan Economics department that has been running all accounts since 2010.

Project Coordination
is handled by a graduate from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business that has been an integral member of our team since 2011.

SEO Copywriting
is handled by two University of Michigan students that are quickly developing as true leaders in the business of SEO content creation.

Keyword Research
is handled by the entire team to ensure proper implementation across the site navigation, content, and overall marketing strategy.