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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become a tragic road of dead ends for so many companies in Michigan. Big systems have been developed to take money from uneducated businesses very quickly. Online advertising platforms can be very dangerous for operators that are not extremely knowledgeable about how they work.

In many cases, SEM efforts fail within one year and business owners never see the upside. Google AdWords and Bing Ads have been developed with the understanding that people will cycle through their budgets and then simply walk away if they decide it doesn't work. Understanding how to avoid this path and stay focused on moving in the right direction is an important aspect of successfully running a search engine marketing campaign.

Jay Bale worked with Google advertising before AdWords was even invented, which is now responsible for about 97% of their annual income ($40+ billion in 2012). Our firm has been on top of the latest developments in this program since cost-per-click advertising and page rank relevancy gained importance in 2005. Many SEM firms in Michigan are older agencies that sell smoke and mirrors and apply antiquated strategies. If any firm accepts your business without requesting necessary changes to your website or even an overhaul, you might want to reconsider hiring them.

Today, SEM and SEO are very intertwined. To be great at either, you must be great at both. The community at large does not see this yet and it will be a few more years before they do. Our search engine marketing company is constantly 3-5 years ahead of the curve.