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Jay Bale & Associates is an innovative SEO Firm that strives to increase the online presence of clients in Grand Rapids and throughout the rest of Michigan. Our team is comprised of talented optimization professionals and developers who have experience with small- and medium-sized businesses in multiple industries. Dabbling on the internet is not an option in our office. We like to engage with clients that are very determined, driven, and have an internet dream.

Optimization is something attempted by many businesses in Michigan. Our SEO firm believes that taking on fewer new clients each year can help us focus and fine-tune our abilities to produce better results for everyone. We have had success running digital marketing and search engine optimization efforts for companies advertising in Grand Rapids and the rest of Western Michigan.

At Jay Bale & Associates, whenever we begin a new development, we look further into the future to aid the decisions we make today. This keeps both our clients and their programs as far ahead of the pack as possible.